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Small Bang
Pierre Cattan, transmedia producer, CEO of Small Bang studio.

Pierre began his career with the creation of several French magazines such as “TOC” and “Usbek & Rica”. He also created and runned several production companies such as Otoko Films and 5ème Étage Production.
In 2012 he founded the transmedia studio, Small Bang, which develops hybrid interactive projects. The products range from film productions (interactive or otherwise), to print and digital work, as well as sound production, event planning, product conception, application and game designing.
Furthermore, Pierre produces and designs live shows for "L'émission dessinée" and "Mediapart". There have been fifty evening shows since December 2011, amounting to 3 millions views during live sessions and more than 3 million online replays.
He also co-produced with Upian the online 30 minute hyper-video experience “Happy world: Burma, the dictatorship of the absurd” for which he received the Orson Welles Prize for Best Documentary at the California Film Awards in 2012.
Pierre produced and show-runned the transmedia experience "Cinemacity" with Arte, released in July 2013. Most recently, he produced "BirdLab", a free participatory science game that aims to validate scientific hypotheses thanks to the players' experience. He is also co-founder of the association Open Bidouille Camp and Coworking space Superbelleville. smallbang.fr / cinemacity.arte.tv / happy-world.com