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Bruce L Erickson

Bruce L Erickson, the Director of MotherEarth Media and The Global Mind Network project with a focus on sustainability and regeneration. Most recently he served as a delegate to the UN COP21 Global Climate Summit in 2015 in Paris. His originally worked with former Astronaut Gordon Cooper, to address critical issues for humanity’s future. Later collaborating with Robert Muller (former Assistant Secretary-General of the UN), Dr. Christian DeLaet, Director of the Science Office of the Commonwealth of Nations, Prof. Maryjane Dunstan at College of Marin, and many other brilliant minds. Plus Reuters News Service, the British Commonwealth Office, WHO, UIA, Gallery 3220, the World Future Society, and many others in the sciences, humanities, media, and communications. In the 38 years since the inception of GMN, we’ve conducted research, consulting, and lecturing activities, plus four major developments and planning efforts have occurred. The first in 1994 with a New Earth Systems Science Center. This was in cooperation with the Geosphere Project and the first mapping of Earth from space. The plan included establishment of a cooperative research forum that linked the 23 science institutions of Monterey Bay to the world. The second, in 2004, was termed Earth Center One for Governor’s Island, New York City. The third in 2008 came from the Japanese government and the TZT Trust to address the issues of sustainability and regeneration for Japan and the world. Our current focus is for a center for global education and news service to be located in Ontario, Canada.

My Speakers Sessions

Friday, December 11

18:00 CET